About the Owner & My Vision for HGNW


Hello, and welcome to my website! My name is Lexi Guttormson, and I am a registered Nutrition & Dietetics Technician (NDTR) and future dietitian. I currently have almost 4 years of experience working in clinical nutrition at a local Twin Cities hospital, where it is my job to provide medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education for hospitalized patients. I have recently graduated from the University of Minnesota’s Twin Cities campus with my B.S. in nutrition, and will be starting my dietetic internship with the University of Minnesota this coming fall of 2018. Once I complete my dietetic internship, I will be able to take my dietetic registration exam, and will finally officially become a Registered Dietitian! 

Nutrition and wellness rituals play a vital role in our overall well-being and health. The relationship between what we put into our bodies and the increasing onset of diet-related diseases in the United States both fascinates me, and drives my motivation to educate others. It is my ultimate goal to motivate others to focus on having a mindset based on disease prevention and/or disease management through consuming a well-balanced, whole foods diet. I believe that any food can be consumed in moderation, but I also believe that we need to be mindful about what we are putting into our bodies day-after-day. 

On a personal level, I follow a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. What does that mean you ask? Basically lacto-ovo is just a fancy way to say that I still include dairy and eggs in my diet. Within the past 2-years or so since becoming a vegetarian, I have moved away from purchasing pre-packaged foods and had begun to experiment with cooking most of my meals from scratch. This has been quite the journey for me, because in all honesty, before I began my studies in nutrition, my diet consisted of a lot of frozen and packaged meals. I had NO idea what kind of an impact the food I was consuming would have on my future health. It is so satisfying  to be able to take whole ingredients and create delicious food… plus, I have control over what I am putting into my body. The pre-packaged foods and fast foods that have become so abundant in our American diet are often times loaded with sodium, saturated fats, trans fats, and unnecessary additives to keep products shelf stable. Again, I want to stress that any food is perfectly acceptable in moderation. I am not saying that we should stop eating out all together; but it is the choices that we make day-after-day, and meal-after-meal that determine our overall health. Let’s keep our bodies and our minds healthy by eating wholesome food!

I started this website with the intention of sharing my food journey with all of you. I absolutely love finding and testing out yummy new recipes that my husband and I can enjoy. As someone who wasn’t always on a health-oriented path, I understand how difficult it can be to find the motivation to change our lifestyle habits. I am hoping that through this website, I can reach out to people who are seeking some additional support in meeting their health & wellness goals. Eventually, I would like to begin writing a health and wellness blog in addition to posting recipes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! — Now, let’s get to cooking! 

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates